German Ambassador Visits HFU


Dr. Clemens von Goetze, German Ambassador to China, visits HFU on July 8. Dr. Cai Jingmin, Chair of HFU Council and Dr. Wang Qidong, President of HFU, warmly welcome him and his delegation.

The two parties visit HFU’s Sino-German CooperationAchievement Exhibition. Chair Cai states that HFU is a local undergraduate university born in the Reform, growing in the Opening-up and developing in innovation, which has proposed its school-running orientation of “locality, application and internationalization” ever since 2003. Learning from the German universities of applied sciences, HFU not only promotes its own development, but also plays a leading role in the transformation and development among domestic local universities.

Ambassador Goetze expresses his thanks to HFU for its contribution to Sino-German cultural exchange and educational as well as technological cooperation. Afterwards, Dr. Goetze, Chair Cai and President Wang jointly plant a tree as a symbol of friendship on HFU campus.