Delegates from University of Applied Sciences Zwickau Visit HFU


On May 17th, delegates from University of Applied Sciences Zwickau (Germany) visit Hefei University, among whom Prof. Dr. Doris Weidemann, principal of School of Applied Language and Cross-cultural Communication and Prof. Dr. Wrobel from the Department of Economics are responsible for a talk over a cooperative program (2+2.5) between the two universities.

    HFU President Prof. Wang Qidong meets the guests, who introduces the history of HFU’s international cooperative programs first. Then the two parties exchange views on details of the cooperation like credit replacement and students selection after checking each other’s curriculum and courses. Finally they achieve an agreement on the program for the cultivation of interdisciplinary foreign language talents.

    University of Applied Sciences Zwickau is a public university aiming at cultivating applied engineering talents. The Department of Foreign Languages (HFU) has selected four German majors enrolled in 2017 to go to University of Applied Sciences Zwickau for a one-semester exchange study, who then met by Prof. Dr. Weidemann and Prof. Dr. Wrobel.